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Plumbing Service Technician

Lloydminster, AB, Canada

Job Type

Full Time



  • Diagnose Plumbing Problems: Utilize your expertise and experience to identify and diagnose plumbing issues accurately. Conduct thorough assessments of the plumbing system, troubleshoot problems, and determine the root cause.

  • Provide Options and Solutions: Present a range of viable options and solutions to address the plumbing issues discovered during diagnosis. Clearly explain the benefits, costs, and potential outcomes of each option to the customer, enabling them to make informed decisions.

  • Communicate Effectively: Maintain open and clear communication with customers throughout the entire process. Listen actively to their concerns, answer questions, and address any uncertainties they may have. Ensure that customers feel informed and confident in the chosen course of action.

  • Perform Plumbing Repairs and Installations: Execute plumbing repairs, installations, and maintenance tasks with precision and efficiency. Utilize your plumbing skills and knowledge to complete the job effectively, ensuring the highest quality workmanship.

  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction: Prioritize customer satisfaction throughout the entire service experience. Strive to exceed customer expectations by providing exceptional service, being attentive to their needs, and demonstrating professionalism and respect. Follow up to confirm that customers are extremely happy with the completed work.

  • Maintain Clean and Safe Workspaces: Keep work areas clean and organized before, during, and after plumbing tasks. Adhere to safety protocols and ensure the protection of both yourself and the customer's property.

  • Document and Report: Accurately document work performed, including details of diagnoses, solutions implemented, materials used, and any necessary follow-up actions. Provide reports or invoices to customers as needed for their records.

  • Continuous Learning and Improvement: Stay updated on industry advancements, best practices, and plumbing codes/regulations. Seek opportunities for professional development and skill enhancement to stay at the forefront of the plumbing field.

  • Represent the Company: Act as a brand ambassador for the company by maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor. Uphold the company's values, reputation, and commitment to exceptional customer service at all times.


  • Possess a valid Journeyman, 4th, 3rd, or 2nd-year plumbing license or certification.

  • Demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively interact with customers, explain options, and address any concerns or questions.

  • Strong plumbing knowledge and the ability to diagnose problems, and perform repairs, maintenance, and installations is desired.

  • Should have experience in plumbing repair, maintenance, and installation, demonstrating a solid understanding of plumbing systems and components.

  • Maintain a clean driver abstract and possess a clean criminal record to meet safety and security standards

  • Ideally, have 3-5 years of professional experience in plumbing, showcasing a depth of knowledge and expertise in plumbing practices, techniques, and regulations.

  • Must be authorized to work in the Canada.

Our Culture

We foster an inclusive and transparent culture built on an open-door policy and daily communication. We believe in creating an environment where team members feel valued and encouraged to share their ideas and concerns openly. By prioritizing regular and open dialogue, we promote collaboration, trust, and a sense of belonging, ensuring that everyone's voice is heard and respected. Our commitment to fostering daily communication and an open-door policy allows us to cultivate a thriving and innovative workplace where collaboration and personal growth flourish.

Our Values

  • Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do, aiming to provide the best service in the area. We are dedicated to continuously improving our skills, processes, and technologies to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Our customers are at the heart of our business. We are committed to understanding their needs, exceeding their expectations, and delivering the highest level of service. We prioritize building long-term relationships and maintaining customer satisfaction as the cornerstone of our success.

  • Integrity: We uphold the highest ethical standards and act with integrity in all our interactions. We are honest, transparent, and accountable for our actions, ensuring that trust is at the core of our relationships with customers, employees, and partners.

Why Join Us

  • Competitive Compensation: We offer a good wage that reflects the value of our employees' skills and contributions, ensuring they are fairly rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

  • Comprehensive Benefits: We provide excellent benefits packages that go beyond the basics, including health insurance, retirement plans, and additional perks. We prioritize the well-being and security of our employees, recognizing the importance of a comprehensive benefits package.

  • Dynamic and Supportive Team: Our company is comprised of great people who are passionate, collaborative, and supportive. Joining our team means being part of a positive and inclusive work environment, where teamwork and camaraderie thrive.

  • Flexibility for Work-Life Balance: We understand the importance of work-life balance and offer a flexible schedule to accommodate personal commitments and individual needs. We believe in empowering our employees to manage their work and personal lives effectively.


  • Medical, Dental, and Vision

  • Mental Health Benefits

  • Uniforms

  • Open Door Policy

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Family Medical Leave

  • Continued Education

  • Job Training

  • Promote within

  • Paid Holidays

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