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Specialty water filters

Zentec™ Infinity Hybrid Filtration was engineered to remove common contaminants found in lakes or water wells, such as water hardness, tannins, ferrous (clear water) iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulphide (that rotten egg smell). This new North American technology provides a simple solution utilizing an electronic metered, high-efficiency, fully automatic whole house filter with service flow rates up to 6 GPM.


Our Selection


Zentec™ Infinity Hybrid Filtration System

Your One Step Solution – providing clean, clear, filtered water removing ferrous iron, hydrogen sulfide, manganese, hardness, and tannins.


  • Fully programmable electronic control valve

  • Quiet operation

  • Adjustable time cycles for best results

  • Uses less than $3.00 per year power 12VAC

  • Res-up feeder for maximum regeneration efficiency

  • Flow rate up to 6 gpm

  • Regenerates with water softening salt or potassium

  • Zentec™ Infinity Hybrid Zeolite Media

  • 5 year warranty

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